Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

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Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

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Specialist Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Curtains in situ

Steam Carpet Cleaning price

  • Studio flat with carpets cleaning  from £118.00
  • One bedroom flat with carpets cleaning  from £1723.00
  • Two bedroom flat with carpets cleaning from £198.00
  • Two bedroom house with carpets  cleaning from £218.00
  • Three bedroom flat with carpets  cleaning from £232.00
  • Three bedroom house with carpets  cleaning from £308.00
  • Four bedroom house with carpets cleaning  from £348.00




When you need a professional carpet cleaning in Sofia refer to “Jim klemmer floors”. Only in this way will ensure that you get the best money at affordable prices in London. Grease, traces of mud or dirt deeply penetrated no chance when the “jim klemmer floors” address laundering carpets or rugs in your home



In this page you can see some of our services such as cleaning of residential entrances, cleaning the house, cleaning offices, cleaning windows, washing sofas, carpet cleaning, and prices of our services.

Cleaning company “Jim klemmer floors”  offers professional cleaning at very attractive prices. For exact price you can contact us at the contact site section “Contacts” to give you a more accurate quote.

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